At IFIC, we believe that our Underwriting Trainees are the building blocks of our future. We have hired the best and the brightest underwriters in the surety industry and have watched them flourish. We are committed to growing our team from within because the success of our employees leads to the success of our company.

Recent or Upcoming Graduates

Our Previous Trainees

"What really sold me on IFIC and the training program was the opportunity to utilize my financial/credit analysis skills in addition to the marketing aspect of the business. The training program provided not only a first-class introduction into the bond business, but also the chance to build relationships with the other trainees who I still speak with today. The atmosphere is employee friendly - not to mention the amazing benefits, particularly the health insurance. After my first 20 months with IFIC, I can genuinely say that I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with the company."

"IFIC has been extremely instrumental in my career growth. The AFSB exam incentives motivated me to get certified quickly. Due to the structure of IFIC, it has been easy to gain field and technical experience. Every day is different and presents unique situations and challenges. IFIC is by far the greatest company I have ever been a part of. The "family" culture of is second to none. The company truly cares about the professional and educational growth of their employees and is extremely generous in providing opportunities for promotions, certifications, and career development. As far as benefits are concerned, IFIC is among the best. I cannot say enough about how much I love and respect this company. It truly is one of a kind. Your hard work, dedication and loyalty will be rewarded.

"IFIC's trainee program offered more than just training in the field with a successful company. It offered a great starting salary, great benefits, the ability to travel and most importantly an industry with lots of opportunities for growth. During my training, I was able to see first-hand the level of time and commitment the company puts into their employees. Traveling to different offices throughout the country allowed me to work closely with different underwriters and learn from senior-level management throughout our company. This gave me a better understanding of how each regional office works together with our home office to make the best underwriting decisions."

"What I most enjoyed about IFIC's training program were the people I met. The trainees in my class were very close throughout the program and we still maintain great relationships. The time each underwriter spent with our training classes was invaluable. I believe I am growing with the company almost every day. There are always new challenges, and I continue to learn from each one."

"The IFIC training program is so attractive because it allows the trainees to not only learn the business but also to begin to develop an underwriting style. It smoothes the learning curve especially for trainees with little industry experience, because the program combines textbook learning and "real world" experiences. What I enjoyed most about the training program was the opportunity to learn from some of the best underwriters around the country in various lines of business. What I like most about IFIC is the fact that brand recognition is instant, due to its size and position in the industry, while maintaining a small business, family-oriented atmosphere due the fact that it is a private company. IFIC's comprehensive training program has been an invaluable component in my professional development and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with the company."

"The training program taught me about the surety industry along with company policy and procedures involved in the underwriting process. Along the way, I was teamed with seven other trainees that helped support one another through the three-month period. Traveling gave us the opportunity to meet other offices and become more familiar with our fellow coworkers. In the program, we were able to learn about all the underwriting lines of business our company operates in including contract, commercial, specialty, subdivision, customs and bail. Surety is a unique industry in which I continue to learn new things to this day. I believe the training program gave me the foundation necessary to exceed and grow in this industry. I have found IFIC to be a great company to work for. I am most impressed with the ability to grow quickly within this company."

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