IFIC prides itself on hiring and rewarding the best talent in each of our areas of expertise. Finding hardworking employees with integrity allows us to carry out our mission of providing the best customer service to our clients. Explore the many opportunities that IFIC has to offer and see why our employees love working here!

Experienced Professionals

"The training program established a solid foundation that provided me the opportunity to build upon it once I settled into the field office. Throughout the training and moreover my entire career at IFIC, I've been able to learn from experienced and successful surety professionals who have helped me establish my own positive reputation within the industry as I've been able to serve in various leadership positions within my local Surety Association. After being with IFIC for over 7 years, I can positively say that IFIC has provided the necessary opportunities to help me meet my career goals. The company values a strong work/life balance which has been great as my own family has grown over the years."

"I consider myself very lucky to have been able to start with IFIC right out of college. It was obvious from the beginning how much IFIC truly invests in their employees and gives them the tools they need to grow within the company. The program allowed me to meet and learn from underwriters across the country. Most importantly, however, the program allowed me to establish relationships with individuals in different divisions of IFIC. I was also able to see how offices run according to the Regional Manager's style while still meeting the overall goals of the company. The company offers the best healthcare possible, believes in a work life balance, rewards employees for hard work, hires great people, and promotes living a healthy life style. I look forward to developing my career with IFIC and can't wait to see what the future holds."

"The best parts about training were getting to meet our home office staff and being able to establish relationships with underwriters throughout the country. IFIC offers tremendous growth opportunities. I have been able to grow from Trainee to Senior Bond Underwriter at an accelerated pace. IFIC has honestly given me an opportunity of a lifetime, and I believe this is one of the reasons so many employees love working for here - they appreciate, take care of, and reward their employees. The benefits I appreciate most are the vacation, sick, personal and work from home days, the ability to travel and market, as well as the fun environment. Each employee is a team player and always extends a helping hand when necessary. It is a rare thing to find a job right out of college that you love. I'm one of the lucky ones who found that dream job with an amazing work environment, unlimited opportunity to grow, phenomenal benefits, and great coworkers."