Commercial is the most varied segment in the surety industry. At IFIC, we are a "generalist" commercial surety market.


We write many types of commercial obligations, including license & permit, court & probate, guarantees of financial performance and non-construction contract. Most of these obligations are needed due to statutes or government regulations. We write commercial bonds on a transactional basis (single bond) or as part of a program.

IFIC has expertise in writing bonds for commercial surety accounts for various types of companies across numerous industries with many different types of capital structures. Our flexible approach of evaluating each account on its own merits enables us to do this.

IFIC has capacity to write single bonds and support aggregate work programs up to $15 million and $40 million respectively. We will write bonds for commercial accounts on an unsecured basis or on other terms depending on the needs of the account. Our knowledge of many different types of industries and our ability to learn new ones is what makes IFIC successful in the commercial line..